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Our Generation 3 Dragon Shield FR Jacket

Posted by Rick Roby on

Our Generation 3 Dragon Shield FR Jacket

Hunting, hiking, and other rough outdoor activities require a high level of protection from the elements. Our Dragon Shield FR soft shell jacket can deliver just that. Usually, soft shell jackets are made from woven material that can provide excellent water resistance and wind protection.

It’s important to note, however, that not all soft shells were created equally and here’s why our jackets are ideal:

Superior Materials

Soft shell jackets are the middle ground between a fleece jacket, for comfort, and a waterproof jacket, for protection. Our Dragon Shield soft shells are made with our exclusive Power Grid 4-way stretch fleece that allows unparalleled freedom of comfort, and a fire resistant membrane and sturdy water-repellent knit for maximum protection.

Excellent Performance

You won’t have to worry about the cold weather with our Dragon Shield jacket. It features a breathable membrane that can block up to 98% of wind and an excellent water repellency that fends off light rain showers and snow. Its Rip-Stop fabric also offers a high protection of HRC4 with an Arc Rating of 40 cal/cm2. This is the highest level of flame resistance possible according to the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association®.


Unmatched Comfort

Our Dragon Shield jacket’s 4-way stretch fabric and zippered chest hand-warmer pockets maximize warmth while minimizing weight, providing utmost luxury in the chilly mountaintops. Their no-lift underarm gussets and extra long sleeves allow for better reach without compromising comfort.

These locally made jackets come in a versatile black color with a detachable hood for a customizable look. Contact us today at 801.871.9296 and enjoy the distinct benefits of our Dragon Shield FR jacket.

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