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Why is Proper Outdoor Gear Important?

Posted by Rick Roby on

Why is Proper Outdoor Gear Important?
If you’ve decided to spend more time outdoors this summer, you’ll quickly realize that not wearing the right clothing can cost you in the long run. We sell a bunch of items that can make your outdoor adventures fun and comfortable, and here at Dry Canyon FR, we offer some of the very best.

Today, we discuss the importance of wearing the right outdoor gear in your activities.

Protection with our Power Dry® FR T-shirt

Unlike at home, with the roof and the walls to protect you from the extreme effects of the weather, your key source of protection outdoors is the right gear. If you’re going to be exposed to heat and humidity, our Power Dry® FR T-shirt is perfect. Most importantly, it can protect you from fires and arc flash hazards. It also features a Polartec® Power Dry FR fabric that allows fast-drying, helping you stay cool during summer.

Comfort with our Elements Dual Hazard FR Sweatshirt and our Big-Chill Beanie

Investing in proper gear means you would have the luxury of comfort outside the cozy confines of your home. If you’ve ever gone hiking before, you know how easily the temperature drops when you reach a certain point in the mountain. You won’t get to enjoy the activities as much if you’re huddled in a blanket. Luckily, our Elements Dual Hazard FR Sweatshirt can provide you with all the warmth and comfort needed for the harsh outdoors. Its wind-resistant and water-repellent fabric shields you from the cold brought by wind, rain, and snow, while its inner fleece helps retain body heat. Combined with our Big-Chill Beanie, that offers lightweight wind and fire resistance, you’re guaranteed to stay comfy even in the coldest of climates.

At Dry Canyon FR, we offer a wide range of outdoor gear that allows you to make the most of your activities. You won’t have to worry about the sun, the wind, and the rain with our selection of FR gear. You can browse our website or call us today at (801) 871-9296 to learn more about our products.

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